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Survey indicates increased confidence

Posted by jjcadmin on 10 February, 2014

Today sees the publication of Let's Talk About Mental Health. This survey of MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter signatories found that 3 in 5 employees had talked to their manager about a current mental health condition. Previous research by Rethink/YouGov in 2010 had found that the same proportion, 3 in 5, had felt uncomfortable in doing so: so our survey indicates that while it takes time to change workplace attitudes and cultures, such change is taking place.

The UK-wide survey also indicates that the most likely response to such disclosure is one where the manager listens, is supportive and is understanding – and not the negative response that is often feared. Other findings among employees was that the most common reason for not talking about mental ill health was the fear it would go against them, yet the least common response by the employer was disciplinary action. The survey also showed that employers can do more to increase awareness of their commitment to the Charter and would benefit from investing in training and liaising more closely with doctors and healthcare professionals.

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