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Good Work & Mental Wellbeing Lab

Posted by Mark on 11 October, 2017

Fresh Thinking Labs and Mindful Employer are delighted to launch the Good Work and Mental Well-Being Lab together with Macmillan Cancer Support, Jacobs, TNO and Institute of Employment Studies.

The Lab is based on a small, closed network of companies and public sector employers committed to exploring and developing future-focused workplaces that generate positive mental health and well-being for all through healthy and engaging work. The Lab...

Enables the sharing of good practice and ideas between workplaces.
Builds active relationships with your peers in other organisations.
Creates a forum for collaborative innovation and problem solving.
Bridges the gap between research and practice.
Draws on experience from our network of leading companies from across Europe.
Develops practical tools and resources for workplace change.
Provides access to expert guidance.

An opening event takes place in December with follow up meetings in March, June and September 2018.

Download more information and to register your interest please visit Good Work and Mental Well-being Lab or send an email

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