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What MINDFUL EMPLOYER means... and what it doesn't

Behind the Logo

MINDFUL EMPLOYER® is working with employers to help put good practices in place to ensure employees and job applicants who declare mental health issues receive the right level of support. A tangible sign of the willingness to address such issues is the Charter for Employers who are Positive About Mental Health and many employers are using its principles to the benefit of staff. Charter signatories are entitled to display the MINDFUL EMPLOYER logo as a demonstration that they are working towards the aspirations of the Charter.

We are aware that the appearance of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER logo on job adverts or other publicity may give the impression that it's an accreditation like Disability Symbol (two ticks) or Investors in People where a set of clearly-defined standards have been achieved.


The Charter is not an accreditation or a set of quality standards nor a policy or target.

Employers can be involved in MINDFUL EMPLOYER without signing the Charter but many use it as a tangible display of their commitment to improving the working lives of their staff. The Charter is completely voluntary and is about working towards the principles of it not the immediate fulfilment of them – signing up is a step along a journey not the end of it. Being a Charter signatory doesn't mean they're 'getting it all right' - but it does indicate a willingness to work towards better practice.


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