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MINDFUL EMPLOYER Partnership Organisation available to employers in Scotland is:

Nicky LidbetterAnxiety UK 0161 868 0547



ACAS Training: Mental Health Awareness for Employers

Developed in collaboration with MINDFUL EMPLOYER and led by a senior ACAS adviser, this event will raise your understanding about mental ill-health. You will learn some of the common signs and symptoms, and most importantly will be able to discuss and explore strategies for early intervention and support for employees experiencing mental ill-health. Click on the link above to book a place or phone 08457 383736 or email for more details.


Support Services

Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives     

Brings together Scotland's Health at Work (SHAW), Safe and Healthy Working and NHS Health Scotland's workplace health programme into a single integrated organisation. They provide a free and confidential occupational health and safety service for small and medium enterprises. 0800 019 2211

See Me Scotland

The See Me Scotland website carries some valuable information and resources. 

Management Advisory Service    

Led by Professor Derek Mowbray, MAS provides consultancy, mentoring, training and coaching services that transform corporate culture, enhance staff wellbeing, resilience and performance, and help to prevent work related stress and psychological distress.  This cuts the costs of sickness absence and presenteeism and improves organisational performance.  For more details contact 01242 241882 

MHScot Consultancy & Training CIC

provides advice, information and support for employers and employees and mental health awareness training. 07749 817473


Penumbra offers training and support services to employers across Scotland including Mental Health Awareness, an understanding of the needs of people with mental health challenges, Managing Mental Health at Work, Mental Health and relevant legislation, policies and procedures and courses tailored to the needs of individual organisations and their staff.  Tel: 0131 475 2380 

The Keil Centre

The Keil Centre has expertise in three main areas, which aims to support the development of capable, healthy and safe people: Organisational assessment & development; Clinical & counselling services; and Human factors in health and safety 



Charter Signatories

Signatories to the Charter for Employers who are Positive About Mental Health who are based or have offices in Scotland are:

The Charter is about working towards the principles of it not the immediate fulfilment of them – signing up is a step along a journey not the end of it.

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